Hamish Syme

 (student Castaways)

Les Landau 1st-NZ-trout

Kitty Bay Hong Kong 

first fish ever!

Gerald Moonens 

from Belguim

Mike Sutton 

from Montana

Nick Hart from UK with his first for the day!

Rick Varnell from 

Idaho USA

Don Sutton

Svend Bie Christensen 

from Denmark

Tim Wood well known

 angler from Christchurch

Tomas Bay 8 lb

Tony Siddle from 

South Africa

Holding a Brown Trout

7 1/2 lb

Trevor Stow from 

Victoria, Australia

Byron Young 

February 2003 7 1/2 lb 

Catch & Release

Brown Trout 7 1/2 lb

Kathy McCartney

December 2002

Back Country 

Len Hunter


Jason Weale

February 2003

Just another busy work day!!




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