Chappie Chapman's Fly-Fishing Adventures is based in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand.



31 Charlcott Street


Christchurch 8005

New Zealand.



(64) 03 3595 -440


0274 393 490



My location is such that I am well suited to get in some of the best fishing we have to offer in a reasonably short time. There is some excellent fishing to be had within one and a half hours easy drive from Christchurch. We are also well placed to drive a little further if time permits or the weather is not suitable, locally. We are also only two and a half hours scenic drive from the West Coast. We can also helicopter into areas some so remote, that the trout die of old age!! There is a lot to do in Christchurch for the non-fishing person. It is recognised as a cultural centre, with many world class restaurants, theatres and craft markets. There are also many local vine-yards where you can try the local vintage.




Our climate here is quite varied, especially in October and early November, where day-time temperatures can range from 14 degrees (58f) to 25 degrees (80f). Summer temperatures in the South Island range up to 30 degrees (86f) and on occasions a little higher. Our air is very clear and sun-burn can be a problem. A broad-brimmed hat (not baseball style) is recommended, along with a good sun screen.


The South Island is visually stunning and with a huge variety of landscapes for such a small area. Along with our Southern Alps mountain range, which runs the length of the South Island, there are literally hundreds of lakes (most of which hold big trout), and hundreds of miles of rivers (most of which also hold trout). These rivers range in size from small spring creeks to large alpine rivers. Most are easy to get to and some rarely see an angler. On the West Coast of the South Island, you will encounter primitive rain forest, while East of the Alps are the Plains. Bring a camera and plenty of film!


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